Product Development

Design. Research. Sampling. Manufacturing.

We specialise in the product development of both new and established brands and have many years of collective experience within the merchandise and gifting industry.


We have some amazing in-house talent who specialise in the creation of artwork, packaging solutions and digital media. We have the ability to create character assets from page to stage.

product research

Visiting various trade shows worldwide and working closely with our factory partners in the Far East, we are able to bring the latest ideas and product innovation to the UK market.

The artwork is king when producing merchandise lines. Your style guide will always direct and dictate colours, product design, size and shape so we can develop an accurate representation of your characters or logo.


As the client, you can be involved in the product development as much or as little as you want. Whatever, we’ll furnish you with updates at every stage of the sampling process so ultimately you get the best possible product.


We have long-established working relationships with our manufacturing production facilities and visit them regularly. Dealing directly means we can call on insightful expert opinion, helping us concentrate on the finer details and product quality. It also enables us to get the best possible prices.

If you’d like more details on how we can support your product development, please click here to contact us.