Import. Storage. Distribution. eCommerce.

Getting your products from A to B efficiently and securely is a huge part of retail process and often overlooked as an integral link in the chain. But not at ted.

We maintain various partnerships throughout the United Kingdom and around the world to ensure all of your products are imported, stored and distributed effectively.


Once your products are produced, we’ll manage the whole import logistics process for you from start to finish. Our freight options use sea, road, air and rail. Our preference is sea freight due to keeping down the costs, but we do have options if products are required urgently.


We understand that you may not be able to take full delivery once your goods arrive in the UK. No problem. We have the facilities to store them for you, offering both short and long-term solutions.


So now we have imported and stored your products, how about distributing them? Well, we can do that too, as and when required. Whether you have multiple shops or just one outlet, we can meet your distribution requirements. We can even support your web shop sales’ logistics.


It’s BIG business. Many of our clients have been busy extending their sales beyond a shop front. And we’ve got involved by designing and creating web shops for them.

Websites we have created include a complete eCommerce webshop, games and activities. We look after the whole web order process too, from receipt to delivery direct to your customers.

If you’d like more details on how we can support your business in all or some of these ways, please click here to contact us.