From costumes to character mascots

When the show goes on, we make it look as good as it sounds. We are innovators in production, creating events from pop-up stages and complete staged performances, to fully interactive LED screen productions.

From our busy production department, we provide costumes, props and staging for a wide variety of shows worldwide, creating a visual feast to entertain your audiences while giving every production its own personality.


Fabulous costumes visually complete any stage production, whether simple or ornate. What’s important to us is that they are relevant and fit for purpose. Our costume team work closely with you to meet your requirements, fine tuning with mood boards and colour swatches before going into production.

character mascots

Character mascots are a speciality of ours. Whether you need a completely new personality – with costume designed and made from scratch – or you just want your existing mascot refreshed, we can bring your character to life.


As the first thing the audience sees is your stage set, it’s vital it captures their imagination and draws them in. In constantly striving for this artistic excellence, our team is setting new programming trends, which in turn is producing higher quality entertainment.


Our team pays great attention to detail with props to ensure they are relevant and work at a slick pace. They search far and wide for the most appropriate props for your production to complete the set.

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