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Our production department creates entertainment for holiday companies large and small across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

From family caravan park resorts around Britain to TUI’s SENSATORI Resorts in the Canaries, Balearics, Turkey, Greece and the Dominican Republic. run by the world’s biggest travel group, tedproduction makes the entertainment happen.

Performances and activities are tailored to take place during the day and evening at these locations as well as on our biggest growing market currently – cruise ships. Entertainment here is often wider ranging to engage an audience confined to the ship for a day or more while at sea.

So, lots to do.

Production isn’t called ‘the engine room’ for nothing. This is where we create and activate the performances for you, from the scripting, the costumes and the props, to the music, dancing and lighting. Much happens in this department before any show goes on. And even when the curtain goes up, our production team is still involved.

Production is the biggest department in the company with the most varied output, and comprises two major teams, production and creative.

Production services

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Here in the creative department much of what we do is sheer joy. We do all the fun things: write, design, sing, dance … Well, we organise and co-ordinate it anyway. We “create” everything, from writing scripts and shows, to choreographing all...


When the show goes on we make it look as good as it sounds. We’re fast becoming innovators in production, creating events from pop-up stages to complete staged performances to fully interactive LED screen productions. We provide costumes, props...


Production stories

Stories from ted Production
ted stories Sensatori production show

Case Study – The Creation of Sensatori

In 2007, teams at Thomson Holidays – part of the world’s largest tour operator, TUI – were tasked with designing a new 5* proposition in an already crowded market.

Creative . Passionate . Straightforward .

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