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Did you know? Our Retail Department is more than a supplier!

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Did you know? 🧐


Our retail team is more than just a supplier, they become part of your team and see the journey through from start to finish with you! 🤝


At every stage of development, our team provides expert support and consultation, ensuring every commercial opportunity is maximized. Understanding each client’s market, our number one goal is always to create the best product value. A recent project with our partner Roompot saw us recreate the merchandise line for their legacy character Koos.  The successful new range has been hugely popular on-park and at every stage, we’ve had a lot of fun.  Here’s a little insight into our process when working on the cuddly new Koos plush:


The first step was to establish a style guide, a rule book essentially, for how Koos can be applied with his brand and integrity always protected.


With our style guide and character brief in hand, we’ll begin reviewing materials, dimensions, and colours with our manufacturing team.  This is an extremely detailed process where every single design aspect is considered – making sure we stay as close as possible to the artwork.


Then, it starts to get really exciting…we make stuff, creating our first samples!  Just like Koos, “we’re all ears” at this stage, and we worked closely with Roompot to ensure Koos met all of our expectations.  Once we fine-tuned the ratio, carefully perfected the colour palette, planned construction, and captured the character of the curious Koos, we can push the button on manufacturing.  A small step for mankind but a giant hop for Koos!


As part of this project, we also created a whole wardrobe of clothing for Koos, an outfit for every adventure!  The plush line was also supported by a stylish Iconic Koos range, celebrating his famous silhouette across a range of cool accessories (our favorite is the keyring).


But that’s not where the journey ends. After product development, our team steps into the retail space with our clients.  We’ll consult on placement, guest flow in the environment, and a strategy that best showcases your products.  With Roompot we created modular and mobile retail display solutions that are fun and engaging for kids – an experience.  While at all times making sure everything is very much in the style of Koos.



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