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Growth galvanises ted to entertain a modern new look

Leading creative leisure business ted has been growing at such a rate over the last couple of years that a rebrand to reflect the company’s future direction is being unveiled this week.

As well as a striking new logo, the entertainment company that supplies day and evening activities to the likes of Thomson’s 5* Sensatori hotels, First Choice Holiday Village resorts and Haven holiday parks, will use the rebrand to encourage a culture change within and drive efficiencies following a management buyout of The Entertainment Department in April 2014.

The company’s growth has seen a 14% increase year-on-year for the last two years and the new management wants to capitalise on the firm’s success in the entertainment market, open new avenues for its innovative content, modernise its image and present a new-look website for clients, performing artists and recruitment. In an effort to transport ted content to more venues across the world, one of the main target areas for the 16-year-old company is the burgeoning cruise holiday business where top-class entertainment is a crucial element.

With some leading holiday companies as clients already, including TUI brands, the UK’s largest holiday company, ted has been fortunate enough to rely on extended contracts and recommendation for its success.

Chief Executive Robin Breese-Davies said this week: “We are proud to acknowledge that we have never advertised, marketed or approached a new client about new business. Our expansion is based on entirely organic growth with established clients or recommendations. As a result of our momentum, our position in the market is constantly evolving.”

new brand, new look

The constant repositioning has meant ted has had to keep up with technological advances and ever-innovative demands of clients. On the other hand this has enabled the company to become the expert organisation it is today.

To illustrate its new look, its previous 40-word mission statement has been cut – efficiently – to three appropriate words: creative, passionate and straightforward. The words sum up the company’s modern way of thinking and breathe new life into the business.

ted new brand mission circles

The logo is broken down into three different-coloured circles, each one encompassing one of the words of the mission statement. Joined together, they illustrate the complete circle of service ted offers from creating shows, writing scripts, stage production, casting, booking talent acts, adding vocals and music, lighting, sound, event merchandise, digital assets, personnel and training.

ted new logo

For a company that was experiencing healthy growth, it begs the question whether a rebrand is necessary? Robin and Managing Director Amanda Donohue believe it is.

“Mergers and acquisitions are part of the ted history and from as early as 2003 it has undergone a number of different identities. There are new markets out there and we have evolved and repositioned, the culture’s changed and the image was out of date. So yes, it is the right time and the new logo represents us today,” added Robin.

ted old logos

ted new website on a desktop screen

ted new logo on a black T-shirt

The new-look ted launches on March 8th.


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