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We are now part of RWS Entertainment Group!

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We are thrilled to share the incredible news that ted  is becoming even more spectacular!  tedThe Experience Department, is now part of RWS Entertainment Group. This growth represents an exciting opportunity and a bright future.

Growth and innovation have been ever present throughout ted’s twenty-year history and today is another exciting step in our journey.  We have always pushed boundaries and strived to deliver the very best for our clients – and provide amazing opportunities for our talent.  Becoming part of the RWS family will enable ted to specialise on an even more ‘spectacular’ scale, with greater support, resources, and vision.

The world’s premier production company, RWS has been providing Emmy Award-winning turn-key production services and immersive experiences globally for 19 years, with headquarters in New York, Cincinnati, and London.  RWS employs 110 full time creative, operational, and technical team members worldwide, as well as 6,500 performers, technicians, and designers around the world. RWS London will now become ted.

We’re proud to be a family business at ted –  it’s at the heart of who we are and a big part of our culture and how we operate.  That committed approach to our team and client relationships will remain stronger than ever.  The ted team you know will continue to lead The Experience Department, as the European branch of the RWS family.  The immediate impact to our day-to-day business will be an increase in resources, efficiencies, and the capability to provide industry leading immersive installations and seasonal events .  Most important of all, this means more time and expertise to dedicate to each one of our valued clients and partnerships.

The possibilities are endless, and we are just getting started!

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