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International Women’s Day: Celebrating success at ted

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Sunday 8th March marks International Women’s Day and, here at ted, we’re very proud of our inclusive culture and the role women play in our success.

One of the missions of International Women’s Day is to celebrate women’s achievements, so we spoke to four of our female colleagues who shared their ted story, and the success they’ve had with the business.

Sarah-Louise Twist – Head of Production

Hello! I’m Sarah-Lou, Head of Production here at tedHQ. My team are the creative force behind the wonderful entertainment and productions that you see on stage.

I have the pleasure of working with some of the most creative people in the industry: Show producers, writers, choreographers, set makers, costume designers, and many more.


I joined ted in August 2019 and have been empowered to use my past career experiences in the industry to be a leader and bring changes and improvements to the way our Production department is run.

My current full-time team are all-female and do an amazing job, working hard to bring fresh and exciting content to the 2020 schedule of light entertainment and shows for our clients. Their passion doesn’t just make a significant contribution to the company, but makes lasting memories for holiday makers across the globe.

Carla Wollington – Retail Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Carla, the Retail Operations Manager here at ted. I oversee the logistics, field merchandising and support teams within the Retail department.

I’m always looking for ways to implement and improve processes, record performance and make things straight forward for both my team and our clients.

“I love working within such a diverse yet equal workforce”

Working at ted has been an amazing journey so far. The office is always an energetic hub of productivity and I love working within such a diverse yet equal workforce. Gender, age, race and sexuality have never become apparent, and I think that speaks volumes.


The main thing I appreciate about my current role, and the business as a whole, is the willingness to drive change and explore ideas. An operational role can sometimes feel overly structured and restricted within routine, however I have been able to introduce new systems and restructure existing procedures to work smarter.

I always feel encouraged to think creatively and challenge the norm, which makes me excited for the future!

Sonia Aksar – Accounts Credit Controller

Hey, I’m Sonia. I started off at ted as an Administration Assistant in 2010, when the offices were based in Luton, just five minutes from my family home.

My role back then was Purchase Ledger, which included uploading invoices onto our system, reconciling credit card statements, expenses, and other administration tasks.


Now, just under 10 years later, we’re based in Milton Keynes and I am the Accounts Credit Controller, which has many important responsibilities, including processing resident payments for more than 100 people on a weekly basis, who work for ted across the world.

During my time at ted I have built a professional career and have been given many opportunities for progression, while also developing as a person. As a young female that’s something I am very proud of and thankful for.

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Kaya Rose – Creative Producer

Hello! I’m Kaya, and I’m one of the Creative Producers here at ted, which as you can imagine is a very fun and rewarding job.

My job consists of writing and producing show content for both overseas and in the UK. This naturally means that I get to travel a lot, which I am definitely not complaining about.

Something that ted have always been amazing for, especially for me personally in my job role, is the encouragement to just be yourself.

We are an entertainment company, so there are all sorts of big, interesting and brilliant characters that all bring something unique and fun to the work we do. Expressing yourself in our company is something that is encouraged. I, myself, have quite a distinctive fashion style, which you could probably describe as the complete opposite to ‘office attire’.


I enjoy wearing bright colours, crazy hair scarves, a lot of dungaree variations and, of course, a brightly coloured Doc Marten! I have always been complimented and supported by everyone in the company for my fashion choices, and that is so important to me, not only a woman but as a human. Wearing what makes me feel confident, empowers me to do my job at the best of my ability without judgement. The business also supports me in not wearing make-up, and that’s a huge thing for me personally.

“Our company is full of strong, amazing women and that is something I am proud to be a part of”

It’s also worth mentioning that our company is full of strong, amazing women and that is something I am proud to be a part of. The ted women are smart, kind, and are great at what they do. They’re never scared to let each other shine brightly and are always on hand to fix one another’s crown.

Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and to be surrounded by those kinds of women is an inspiring environment. It makes me proud to be a woman!

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