Meet The team

Come and meet the tedleadership team, an expert team with many years experience inside the entertainment industry.

Robin Breese-Davies, Chief Executive Officer

Robin Breese-DaviesChief Executive Officer

01908 320400 robin@tedgroup.com
Steve Leatham, Creative Director

Steve LeathamCreative Director

01908 320400 steve.leatham@tedgroup.com
Alex Kennedy, Group Operations Manager

Alex KennedyGroup Operations Manager

01908 320400 alex.kennedy@tedgroup.com
Anna Breese-Davies, Company Director

Anna Breese-DaviesCompany Director

01908 320400 anna@tedgroup.com

Come and meet the tedtalent team, whose years of experience in entertainment and extensive knowledge of how it all works will give you complete confidence that your booking will go down a storm with your audience.

Marc Layton, Head of Talent

Marc LaytonHead of Talent

01908 320400 marc.layton@tedgroup.com
Nicki Williamson, Talent Operations Coordinator

Nicki WilliamsonTalent Operations Coordinator

01908 067637 nicola.williamson@tedgroup.com
Jack Ryan, Agency Manager

Jack RyanAgency Manager

01908 067650 jack.ryan@tedgroup.com
James Gordon, Musician & Band Booking Agent

James GordonMusician & Band Booking Agent

01908 320400 James.Gordon@tedgroup.com

The tedproduction team is the largest team in the ted, dealing with a number of elements that make up the show. The team consists of creative producers, account managers and support staff. Come and meet them.

Sarah-Louise Twist, Head of Production

Sarah-Louise TwistHead of Production

01908 067676 sarah.twist@tedgroup.com
Adele Leatham, Casting Agent

Adele LeathamCasting Agent

01908 067632 adele.leatham@tedgroup.com
Dixie Brennan, Operation Delivery Manager - Holiday Villages

Dixie BrennanOperation Delivery Manager - Holiday Villages

01908 067633 dixie.brennan@tedgroup.com
Ashley Burrows, Operation Delivery Manager - TUI SENSATORI

Ashley BurrowsOperation Delivery Manager - TUI SENSATORI

01908 320400 ashley.burrows@tedgroup.com
Liam Beck, Operation Delivery Manager - Cruise

Liam BeckOperation Delivery Manager - Cruise

01908 067671 liam.beck@tedgroup.com
Anna Robb, Production Coordinator

Anna RobbProduction Coordinator

01908 067674 anna.robb@tedgroup.com
Amy Smith, Senior Creative Producer

Amy SmithSenior Creative Producer

01908 320400 amy.smith@tedgroup.com
Rachel Varney, Resident Director Coordinator

Rachel VarneyResident Director Coordinator

01908 320400 rachel.varney@tedgroup.com
Polly April, Operation Delivery Support – Holiday Village and TUI SENSATORI

Polly AprilOperation Delivery Support – Holiday Village and TUI SENSATORI

01908 320400 polly.april@tedgroup.com
Kaya Rose, Creative Producer

Kaya RoseCreative Producer

01908 067677 kaya.rose@tedgroup.com
Naomi Ferguson, Creative Support

Naomi FergusonCreative Support

01908 067675 naomi.ferguson@tedgroup.com
Ant Poole, Operation Delivery Support Manager - Cruise

Ant PooleOperation Delivery Support Manager - Cruise

01908 067672 ant.poole@tedgroup.com
Jacquie Kerry, HR Manager

Jacquie KerryHR Manager

01908 067631 Jacquie.kerry@tedgroup.com

Come and meet the tedstudio team, an expert team of digital designers and producers, who create exceptional media for entertainment that’s as much science as it is drama.

Paul Fynn, Head of Studio

Paul FynnHead of Studio

01908 320400 paul.fynn@tedgroup.com
Ryan Percival, Social Media Manager

Ryan PercivalSocial Media Manager

01908 067651 ryan.percival@tedgroup.com
Sam Dawes, Digital Media Designer

Sam DawesDigital Media Designer

01908 067649 sam.dawes@tedgroup.com
Amy Sargeant, Digital Media Designer

Amy SargeantDigital Media Designer

01908 320400 Amy.Sargeant@tedgroup.com
Rod Balgarnie, Digital Developer

Rod BalgarnieDigital Developer

01908 067654 rod.balgarnie@tedgroup.com
Cassie Sinclair, Media Producer

Cassie SinclairMedia Producer

01908 320400 cassie.sinclair@tedgroup.com

The tedav team manage the vast technical engineering team both in the UK and internationally with personnel, project management, equipment procurement and general support. Come and meet them.

Matt Spence, Head of AV

Matt SpenceHead of AV

01908 067655 matt.spence@tedgroup.com
Maddy Herman, AV Procurement & Logistics Manager

Maddy HermanAV Procurement & Logistics Manager

01908 067656 maddy.herman@tedgroup.com
Chris Bertram, AV Operations Manager

Chris BertramAV Operations Manager

01908 067634 chris.bertram@tedgroup.com
Martin Jones, Senior Project Manager

Martin JonesSenior Project Manager

01908 067670 Martin.Jones@tedgroup.com
Dez Leather, Project Manager

Dez LeatherProject Manager

01908 067660 derek.leather@tedgroup.com
Ben Chessum, Technical Support Manager

Ben ChessumTechnical Support Manager

01908 067658 ben.chessum@tedgroup.com
Flavio Diolaiti, Cruise Technical Manager

Flavio DiolaitiCruise Technical Manager

01908 067653 flavio.diolaiti@tedgroup.com
Sophie Newman, Support Coordinator

Sophie NewmanSupport Coordinator

01908 067657 sophie.newman@tedgroup.com
Ashley Ram, Warehouse Coordinator

Ashley RamWarehouse Coordinator

01908 320400 ashley.ram@tedgroup.com

Our tedactive team creates and implements bespoke sports and wellbeing concepts for holiday companies worldwide to keep their guests entertained. As an expert team, tedactive also includes specialist training. Come and meet them.

Carlie Barlow, Head of Active

Carlie BarlowHead of Active

01908 320400 carlie.barlow@tedgroup.com
Michael Warren, Health & Fitness Manager

Michael WarrenHealth & Fitness Manager

01908 320400 michael.warren@tedgroup.com
Christina Robinson, Wellbeing Manager

Christina RobinsonWellbeing Manager

01908 067666 christina.robinson@tedgroup.com
Sean Bates, UK Account Manager

Sean BatesUK Account Manager

01908 320400 sean.bates@tedgroup.com

The tedretail team will help make your merchandise dreams come true. From the initial design through the manufacture and delivery, the team will even help you sell, store and transport. Come and meet them.

Kristian Johnson, Head of Retail

Kristian JohnsonHead of Retail

01908 067664 kristian.johnson@tedgroup.com
Jason Fuller, Logistics and Fulfilment Manager

Jason FullerLogistics and Fulfilment Manager

01908 067639 jason.fuller@tedgroup.com
Carla Wollington, Retail Operations Manager

Carla WollingtonRetail Operations Manager

01908 067646 Carla.Wollington@tedgroup.com
Laura Canzio, Product Development Manager

Laura CanzioProduct Development Manager

01908 320400 laura.canzio@tedgroup.com
Jessica Ghansah, Account Manager

Jessica GhansahAccount Manager

01908 320400 Jessica.Ghansah@tedgroup.com
Aaron Graffham, Senior Field Sales Merchandiser

Aaron GraffhamSenior Field Sales Merchandiser

01908 320400 aaron.graffham@tedgroup.com
Deanne Sandiford, Product Developer

Deanne SandifordProduct Developer

01908 067661 Deanne.Sandiford@tedgroup.com
Chandu Tekkali, Logistics Coordinator

Chandu TekkaliLogistics Coordinator

01908 320400 Chandu.Tekkali@tedgroup.com
Angelica Catalanotto, Retail Support Coordinator

Angelica CatalanottoRetail Support Coordinator

01908 320400 Angelica.Catalanotto@tedgroup.com

Come and meet the tedaccounts and administration team, an expert team with many years experience inside the accounting, financial and entertainment industry.

Alan Prior, Finance & Commercial Manager

Alan PriorFinance & Commercial Manager

01908 067648 alan.prior@tedgroup.com
Sonia Aksar, Accounts Credit Controller

Sonia AksarAccounts Credit Controller

01908 067641 sonia.aksar@tedgroup.com
Laura Willingham, Purchasing Manager

Laura WillinghamPurchasing Manager

01908 067645 laura.willingham@tedgroup.com
Sally Carrington, Purchase Ledger Controller

Sally CarringtonPurchase Ledger Controller

01908 067642 sally.carrington@tedgroup.com
Kathy Duffy, Accounts Manager

Kathy DuffyAccounts Manager

01908 067643 kathy.duffy@tedgroup.com
Ben Foster, Purchasing Coordinator

Ben FosterPurchasing Coordinator

01908 320400 ben.foster@tedgroup.com