Meet The team

Come and meet the tedleadership team, an expert team with many years experience inside the entertainment industry.

Ryan Stana, CEO, Global

Ryan StanaCEO, Global

Robin Breese-Davies, CEO, Europe

Robin Breese-DaviesCEO, Europe

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Jake McCoy, Director of Operations

Jake McCoyDirector of Operations

Anna Breese-Davies, Brand Development Director

Anna Breese-DaviesBrand Development Director

01908 320400
Alex Kennedy, Operation & Client Services Director

Alex KennedyOperation & Client Services Director

01908 320400
Roland Perry, Finance Director

Roland PerryFinance Director

01908 320 400
Shep, Director of Creative and Business Development

ShepDirector of Creative and Business Development

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Come and meet the tedtalent team, whose years of experience in entertainment and extensive knowledge of how it all works will give you complete confidence that your booking will go down a storm with your audience.

Marc Layton, Head of Talent

Marc LaytonHead of Talent

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James Gordon, Musician & Band Booking Agent

James GordonMusician & Band Booking Agent

01908 320400
Jack Ryan, Agency Manager

Jack RyanAgency Manager

01908 067650
Nicki Williamson, Talent Operations Coordinator

Nicki WilliamsonTalent Operations Coordinator

01908 067637
Paul Rogers, Consultant Agent

Paul RogersConsultant Agent

01908 320400
Phil Freeman, Entertainment Consultant

Phil FreemanEntertainment Consultant

01908 320400
Jack Beedle, Talent Support Coordinator

Jack BeedleTalent Support Coordinator


The tedproduction team create and manage the whole process of any on or off-stage element from children’s concepts, light entertainment to full production shows including scenery and costumes – the full turnkey solution with an established history of making spectacular creative content.

Sarah-Louise Twist, Head of Production

Sarah-Louise TwistHead of Production

01908 067676
Cree Rose-Young, Creative Producer

Cree Rose-YoungCreative Producer

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Katie Maycock, Production Manager

Katie MaycockProduction Manager

Anna Robb, Production Coordinator

Anna RobbProduction Coordinator

01908 067674
Kaya Rose, Creative Producer

Kaya RoseCreative Producer

01908 067677
Rachel Varney, Resident Director Coordinator

Rachel VarneyResident Director Coordinator

01908 320400

Come and meet the tedstudio team, an expert team of digital designers and producers, who create exceptional media for entertainment that’s as much science as it is drama.

Paul Fynn, Head of Studio

Paul FynnHead of Studio

01908 320400
Hannah Stolp-Joesph, Graphic Designer

Hannah Stolp-JoesphGraphic Designer

01908 320 400
Matt Hewitt, Music Director Coordinator

Matt HewittMusic Director Coordinator

Lewis Jacobs, Graphic Designer

Lewis JacobsGraphic Designer

01908 320 400
Luke Bridgeman, Animator & Illustrator

Luke BridgemanAnimator & Illustrator

Alfie Desborough, Digital Media Designer

Alfie DesboroughDigital Media Designer

Sam Dawes, Digital Media Designer

Sam DawesDigital Media Designer

01908 067649

The tedav team manage the vast technical engineering team both in the UK and internationally with personnel, project management, equipment procurement and general support. Come and meet them.

Martin Jones, Head of AV

Martin JonesHead of AV

01908 067670
Dez Leather, Project Manager

Dez LeatherProject Manager

01908 067660
Chris Wason, Cruise Technical Manager

Chris WasonCruise Technical Manager

01908 320 400
Chris Murphy, Senior Project Manager

Chris MurphySenior Project Manager

Josh Bunce, Project Manager

Josh BunceProject Manager

01908 320400
Maddy Herman, AV Procurement & Logistics Manager

Maddy HermanAV Procurement & Logistics Manager

01908 067656
Nathan Vedder, Project Manager

Nathan VedderProject Manager

01908 320400
Nick Orme, Project & Events Co-ordinator

Nick OrmeProject & Events Co-ordinator

01908 320400
Sigita Yla, AV Support Co-ordinator

Sigita YlaAV Support Co-ordinator

+44 (0)1908 320400

Our tedactive team creates and implements bespoke sports and wellbeing concepts for holiday companies worldwide to keep their guests entertained. As an expert team, tedactive also includes specialist training. Come and meet them.

Michael Warren, Head of Active

Michael WarrenHead of Active

01908 320400
Sean Bates, UK Account Manager

Sean BatesUK Account Manager

01908 320400

The tedretail team will help make your merchandise dreams come true. From the initial design through the manufacture and delivery, the team will even help you sell, store and transport. Come and meet them.

Natasha Caller, Head of Retail

Natasha CallerHead of Retail

01908 320 400
Amy Metheringam, Visual Merchindiser

Amy MetheringamVisual Merchindiser

Carla Mitchell, Retail Operations Manager

Carla MitchellRetail Operations Manager

01908 067646
Letitia Garner, Product Developer

Letitia GarnerProduct Developer

Alex Wu, Product Technologist

Alex WuProduct Technologist

+44 (0)1908 320400
Jasmine Wright, Visual Merchandiser

Jasmine WrightVisual Merchandiser

+44 (0)1908 320400
Jessica Ghansah, Account Manager

Jessica GhansahAccount Manager

01908 320400
Kristian Johnson, Product & Business Development Manager

Kristian JohnsonProduct & Business Development Manager

01908 067664
Natasha Kelton, Graphic Designer

Natasha KeltonGraphic Designer

01908 320 400
Emily Streeter, Creative Artworker

Emily StreeterCreative Artworker

Samuel Long, Field Operations Manager

Samuel LongField Operations Manager

+44 (0)1908 320400
Sophie Clarke, Retail Support Co-Ordinator

Sophie ClarkeRetail Support Co-Ordinator

01908 320 400
Quincy Wong, Buyer

Quincy WongBuyer

+44 (0)1908 320400

Our central team guarantee full support for all clients, suppliers and teams worldwide. We have dedicated resources for all major client accounts, specialist casting, plus qualified experts in procurement and accounts. This team are the talent, numbers and travel gurus.

Tracy Clegg, Head of Cruise Operations

Tracy CleggHead of Cruise Operations

Ashley Burrows, Operation Delivery Manager

Ashley BurrowsOperation Delivery Manager

01908 320400
Dixie Brennan, Operation Delivery Manager - Holiday Villages

Dixie BrennanOperation Delivery Manager - Holiday Villages

01908 067633
Adele Leatham, Casting Agent

Adele LeathamCasting Agent

01908 067632
Ant Poole, Cruise Delivery Manager

Ant PooleCruise Delivery Manager

01908 067672
Holly Bevins, Digital Content Producer

Holly BevinsDigital Content Producer

01908 320 400
Lauren Morgan, Business Development Manager

Lauren MorganBusiness Development Manager

Matthew Shaw, Cruise Delivery Manager

Matthew ShawCruise Delivery Manager

Leon Kimpton, Developer

Leon KimptonDeveloper

01908 320 400
Polly April, Operation Delivery Support Manager – Holiday Villages

Polly AprilOperation Delivery Support Manager – Holiday Villages

01908 320400
Naomi Ferguson, Cruise Logistics Coordinator

Naomi FergusonCruise Logistics Coordinator

01908 067672
Maarten Peels, Operation Delivery Manager – Roompot

Maarten PeelsOperation Delivery Manager – Roompot

+44 (0)1908 320400
Ethan Walker, Project & Research Coordinator

Ethan WalkerProject & Research Coordinator

+44 (0)1908 320400
Joe Naghi, Activities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

Joe NaghiActivities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

01908 320 400
Steph Clynch, Activities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

Steph ClynchActivities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

+44 (0)1908 320400
Aishling Marr, Activities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

Aishling MarrActivities & Childcare Manager - Holiday Villages

+44 (0)1908 320400
Shona Boyle, Contract Administrator ‑ Holiday Villages

Shona BoyleContract Administrator ‑ Holiday Villages

Louise Lidsey, Recruitment Manager

Louise LidseyRecruitment Manager

Rajamohan Nadarajah, Financial Controller

Rajamohan NadarajahFinancial Controller

Ali Morin, Purchase Ledger Controller

Ali MorinPurchase Ledger Controller

+44 (0)1908 320400
James Kimber, Purchase Ledger

James KimberPurchase Ledger

+44 (0)1908 320400
Laura Willingham, Purchasing Manager

Laura WillinghamPurchasing Manager

01908 067645
Michael Solomon, Accountant

Michael SolomonAccountant

01908 320 400
Simran Briah, Purchase Ledger Controller

Simran BriahPurchase Ledger Controller

+44 (0)1908 320400
Sonia Aksar, Accounts Credit Controller

Sonia AksarAccounts Credit Controller

01908 067641
Bev Canzano, Accounts Book Keeper

Bev CanzanoAccounts Book Keeper

+44 (0)1908 320400