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Marella Cruises


Fancy cruising around the world, wowing audiences on board beautiful cruise ships, while visiting stunning destinations?

If the answer is yes, the Explorer class of Marella Cruises’ ships may be perfect for you.


about the role

There are 12 performers in each cast, which is made up of two male singers, two female singers, two male singer/dancers, two female singer/dancers, two male dancers and two female dancers; and a specialist ballroom/Latin dance couple.

Our show casts are on ‘performance-related duties only’ contracts and perform 12 shows in the amazing 1,100-seater theatres onboard, featuring incredible costumes and scenery, and live musicians.

All whilst traveling the world!

rehearsal dates

Rehearsals are approximately three months long and take place in Milton Keynes, a short distance from tedHQ. One week is spent rehearsing each show, which includes a recorded show run at the end of the week.

During the rehearsal period accommodation is provided.

contract information

We offer nine-month contracts on board, plus three months paid rehearsals in the UK.

Food and accommodation is included on the ship; plus numerous crew privileges.


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