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Reading Musicians


We are looking for versatile and exciting musicians who can read music to join our teams onboard cruise ships worldwide.

If playing music while travelling the world appeals to you, please get in touch by emailing

role information

Positions we are recruiting for:

  • Guitarists
  • Drummers
  • Bassists
  • Vocalists (band vocalist does not need to read music)

As a reading musician, you will be placed into a band that will have a varied role onboard, broken down into three main duties.

Being part of the reading band will see you backing a cast of 12 singers and dancers in the main theatre in a variety of styled and themed shows. Reading music is essential for this part of the role as the shows have very specific arrangements and have been fully notated for each instrument.

The band will also be required to perform as a party band when not backing the cast shows, with a repertoire of 200+ songs covering popular music from the last six decades.

Fly-out guest acts that visit the ship will, on occasion, require backing from the reading band, with their shows ranging from Broadway-style Cabarets to classic rock tributes. The acts will provide all sheet music to the musicians when they join the ship.

experience and skills

For this role, you must have a high performance ability on your instrument, with knowledge of performing in a wide variety of styles.

You must also be a proficient reader of music on your chosen instrument, possessing a large repertoire with knowledge of popular music.

Performance experience as part of cruise ship reading show bands, musical theatre pit bands, and function bands, will all be of great benefit as this role is essentially a combination of all three.

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If this role appeals to you, please email to enquire and apply.

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