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Getting creative at the TUI Fringe Festival

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Albert Einstein famously said: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

Well, at TUI Fringe festival – exclusive to TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Fethiye – we’re banging the creative drum at 10 stages across the entire resort.

Fringe festival is all about art, culture, and creativity which hangs on the precipice of pop-culture; alongside classic big-hitters. With 10 stages offering a range of resort-wide experiences, there really is something for everyone.

The choice is yours

The idea of a Fringe festival first came about by taking notice of the talented multi-skilled performers we cast each year, and the suggestion of turning one show into 10.

We wanted to create an evening brimming with variety where guests can design their own Fringe experience, depending on what suits them on a timescale they choose. Whether it’s chilling to sunset DJ vibes on the beach; catching a cult classic movie at the Cult Cinema; or witnessing spoken word at the drop of a hat.

This concept of choice is paramount to the TUI SENSATORI guest, and by staging multiple events throughout the evening, a sensation of exclusivity becomes evident as smaller audiences create more intimate experiences.

Images: @tuisensatoriresortbarutfethiye

Working closely

Our talented team of singers, dancers, musicians, DJs, technicians, and management host an evening of variety which focuses the spotlight on the small stage… but it’s been no small task.

Working collaboratively with the various hotel operation teams and local suppliers, we’ve communicated key messages across the globe delivering a concept unlike anything produced before.

Communication, marketing, and a deep understanding of the guest experience have all been key to developing a successful Fringe. We have worked extremely closely with our hotel partners to develop each experience supported with enhancements that ignite the senses throughout the evening.

Upon implementation, there was still a degree of learning for everyone involved. As implementors we had delivered the concept, but not quite everyone ‘got it’. And with 10 stages there was a scale of variables to be taken into account: weather, timings, migration and so on. However, by demonstrating a united front and maintaining communication, the entire team went above and beyond to ensure Fringe hit the ground running.

Of course, there were learnings and development to take forward to the next instalment, but after the first date everyone involved was much clearer on how to grow from strength to strength.

Five stars

Now, the stages regularly receive fantastic feedback from customers and client alike with an excellent and progressive working relationship with the hotel. This is something different, challenging, and successful.

With thousands of requests, illustrations, poems, and popcorn, we look forward to developing the product further next year with our partners TUI SENSATORI.

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