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Meet the team: Sophie Taylor – Marella Explorer 2

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Meet Sophie Taylor, one of our Golf & Sports Hosts within the Entertainment Team on board Marella Explorer 2!

New to ted, Sophie forms part of our entertainment offering on board Marella Cruises’ newest ship, Marella Explorer 2, implementing the activity programme within The 19th Hole, a clubhouse-inspired bar.

We recently caught up with Sophie, to give us an insight into life at sea as part of our Entertainment Team…

Being new to ted and Marella Cruises; what was the process you had to go through to get the role on board?

I contacted ted and sent my CV across after seeing the Golf & Sports Host role advertised online.

Further to my previous experience working on cruise ships which I loved, this particular role interested me, as it was something new and exciting and I particularly wanted to be a part of it.

After being offered the role, we visited a golf-simulator centre in London for a training course on the equipment we would be using – this really excited us and gave us a taste of what was to come.

You mentioned previous cruise ship experience there. What led you to working at sea, and then to this role?

Prior to working with ted, I completed a sports degree at University and then went on to work for another cruise line for four years in various roles. I worked as Youth Staff and then subsequently as a Sports Host, looking after the climbing walls, zip-lines, flow rider and hosting the sports events for the passengers.

And now you’re on Marella Explorer 2! Tell us about what you get up to at work?

My role is the best role on board! I genuinely don’t feel like I come to work every day, as I enjoy it so much. I form part of a team of two Golf & Sports Hosts and we look after and manage The 19th Hole golf activity programme on board.

We are lucky enough to have state-of-the-art golf simulators which passengers can exclusively book for hour-long sessions. Within the time-slot they are able to play on one of the 48 golf courses from around the world; we also have three unique mini golf courses and various fun golfing games.

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We assist the passengers as much as needed, give tips and tricks to them and give them an appetite for golf, which hopefully they take home with them if they have never played before.

As well as looking after The 19th Hole activities, we also host various sporting events around the ship such as water polo, volleyball and table tennis tournaments; which all give me the much-needed sunshine which comes as standard when working on a cruise ship!

It sounds exciting! How has your time with ted and Marella Cruises been so far?

From the moment I was offered the job with ted, it has become so apparent that we are part of a family. I feel like a name, not a number, which you experience with other large companies.

Both ted and Marella Cruises are such friendly companies; they listen to your ideas, support you in your role and are keen to assist with your progression and development.

What about the team on board; do you have a great team around you?

I form part of the Entertainment Team on board, within a department of 44 people. The ship is made up of crew members from all around the world, who are so friendly and make the ship a ‘home’ rather than just a place to work. I feel honoured to work on a team full of such talent, passion and enthusiasm.

What sort of exciting entertainment do guests have to look forward to on board Explorer 2?

Our entertainment programme is new, original, innovative and full of fun. There is so much talent on board.

Our Show Cast perform 11 West-End standard production shows in a stunning theatre, the Entertainment Hosts provide a full, varied and fun activity programme which uses state of the art concepts such as Virtual Reality and Silent Discos, as well as the classic, much-loved cruising entertainment formats; and our extremely talented Musicians rock the ship!

What would you say to anyone who is potentially considering becoming a member of staff with ted at sea, as part of the Entertainment Team?

Do it! You won’t regret it. It’s a great experience; it’s fun, interesting and friendly.

You’re always busy, but you also get lots of opportunities to experience beautiful countries. I love the fact that we wake up in a different port every day. I haven’t looked back on my decision to join ted and I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’m being given as a result.

I get a real sense of satisfaction in my new role, knowing that I’ve contributed to someone’s much-deserved cruise and I’d love more people to experience that same feeling. Come and join the ted family!

We are recruiting for roles on board Marella Explorer and Marella Explorer 2 – click here to visit our Casting & Recruitment page.

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