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Meet the team: Melissa Lowles – TUI SENSATORI Production Cast

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Meet Melissa Lowles, one of our talented Production Cast members at TUI SENSATORI Resort Rhodes.

Since joining us in January 2017, she hasn’t looked back, and enjoyed seasons in both Tenerife and Cyprus under the TUI SENSATORI brand, before moving out to Rhodes this year.

Going back to the start… how did you find your way to ted and TUI SENSATORI?

Before working with ted I worked for Family Life, another TUI concept. I loved the lifestyle and the beautiful hotels I got to work in, so when I saw the SENSATORI audition posted online I knew it was the perfect role for me.

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So you’ve been to Tenerife, then Cyprus, and now Rhodes. How has this season been so far?

The venue in Rhodes was purposely built last year and has been one of my favourite theatres to perform in.

I get such a buzz when the audience has really enjoyed the show. I’m working with a fantastic, talented team and really enjoying the season so far!

As part of our TUI SENSATORI Production Cast, you learn and perform a number of amazing production shows, but which one is your favourite?

My favourite show is Soultown as I have always loved singing big, classic soul songs. I’m also a massive fan of the costumes.

Away from the stage, what have you been up to over the course of the season so far?

Rhodes is a beautiful island and I love exploring on my days off.

I live just a minute walk from the beach so in this hot weather I spend most of my time in the sea! I also spend a lot of time in the gym keeping up my fitness.

But on my days off I’m exploring and experiencing a different culture.

That all sounds great. What do you enjoy most about working with ted?

I am lucky enough to say I enjoy every minute of being at work. I have learnt so much from the amazing choreographers and musical directors that create the high quality shows I get to perform every night.

I’ve also made so many great, supportive friends that has made working with ted even more enjoyable!

Looking ahead… what are your plans for the future?

I have had the best experiences and seen some amazing places working with ted. I would love to progress within the business and explore any exciting opportunities that may arise!

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