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Meet The Team: Digital Media Designers

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Over the last few months, we have seen some new faces join the studio team. We would like to introduce the incredibly talented Cebiso, Hannah and Lewis to the ted family.


Welcome to the ted family, please tell us what your job entails.

“Hello, my name is Ceb. I create animations and illustrations in the ted studio department. Fun job!”


“Hello! My name is Hannah. As a Digital Media Designer, I provide illustration, animation, and design skills to help produce our great content.”


“I’m Lewis all things animation, motion graphics and Video Editing, Illustration & creating assets for use with animations and illustrations.”


What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

Ceb- “Getting out of lockdown and going for a drink with the ted studio team.”


Hannah- “In post-COVID life, hopefully going to a gig and getting to see some of our content live and in action around the world.”


Lewis- “First of all getting to meet everyone properly! Also working on some exciting animation and digital-based projects and diversifying my skill set to grow.”


 How did you find your way into ted?

Hannah- “I was on the hunt for a new job opportunity, and like magic, the perfect role just appeared! I applied that evening.”


What most excited you about this job?

Ceb- “The opportunity to dive deeper into character animation! (oh, and the potential of a cruise ship getaway 😉).”


Who is your biggest role model, and why?

Hannah- “My mum, she is unapologetically herself and has definitely passed on her passion for animals to me.”


Lewis- “I don’t have an individual role model. Many people have influenced who I am and the style of work I produce.”


If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Ceb- “A memory that remembers every single thing.”


Hannah & Lewis – “Instant teleportation, say goodbye to that commute. You can go anywhere anytime!”


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

Hannah- “I’d go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.”


If you would choose to work on any project about any subject what would it be?

Ceb- “A Cheeky Monsters videogame.”


Hannah- “I’d love to work on any Studio Ghibli film — In a dream world, I’d love to have helped produce ‘’Spirited Away.’’


What is your favourite part of your career?

Ceb- “Calling something I love doing-work”


Hannah- “I love that I get to spend my days drawing, designing, and animating so many interesting characters and shows. No two weeks are the same!”

Lewis- “Seeing people’s responses and reactions to my work and projects. Sometimes it can lead to unintended responses which can be interesting.”


We love getting to know our ted family.

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