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Meet the team: Davey Beattie – Holiday Villages Presenter Team Leader

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Meet Davey Beattie, a Presenter Team Leader with us, working for First Choice Holiday Villages worldwide!

Davey has been a valued member of our team since 2014, and has developed into a Team Leader, managing his own Entertainment Team.

We recently caught up with Davey to discuss his experiences with us, as he prepares for summer 2019!

Take us back to the start, Davey – where did your journey begin with ted and First Choice Holiday Villages?

I started working for ted in 2014 as a Presenter in Tunisia. The year after I changed role to Team Leader Presenter and have continued working ever since, in amazing resorts such as Ibiza, Cyprus, Turkey and Rhodes!

Where are you heading this year (2019), and what are you most excited about?

This year I’m heading to the brand-new Holiday Village in Lanzarote! I’m very excited about opening a new resort with new sound and light equipment. I’m also very lucky to be bringing some of my team from last year and also meeting some new team members casted this year.

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Is there a lot of preparation time for a Holiday Village season? What are rehearsals like?

The rehearsal process is great! It’s where you meet all the other team members, find out about the exciting new content for the summer ahead, and take part in amazing performance nights.

My rehearsals start with management training, putting together programmes for daytime and evening entertainment, then we go into core training, meeting our talented teams who we will be working with.

As a team, we learn all the high-profile fun events that are in our daytime programmes – ranging from radio shows, fitness sessions, quizzes and pool parties to children’s dance classes. We also learn the evening elements of the entertainment programme.

We entertain children of all ages, but we also have a full adult entertainment programme too. From gameshows, to production shows – this is all performed and rehearsed as a team at our dedicated rehearsal space.

As a presenter, we learn many styles and techniques, and these are taught by professional presenters from the entertainment industry as part of the tedacademy programme.

Are you involved in any of the productions?

We are involved in many production shows, but using our skills as presenters. Holiday Village Got Talent is a great show to host, where you act as the equivalent of the X-Factor’s Dermot O’Leary.

Presenters are also the main host of other production shows, which are all enhanced by an interactive screen, bringing our entertainment into the 21st century.

What is your favourite part of the role?

My favourite part of being a Team Leader Presenter is putting together and managing the entertainment, making sure it’s suitable for a family audience, catering for all ages, and ensuring it’s performed to the highest standard. This helps to create an unforgettable holiday for all of our guests in resort.

Also, I have such a passion for presenting and each night I can perform a variety of skills; from children’s entertainment shows, to adult gameshows. It’s such a buzz to be performing to more than 1,000 people each night!

What about the lifestyle in resort; what is that like?

Lifestyle in resort is amazing! On your days off, you really are on your very own mini holiday, and there is so much to do in whichever country you are in.

You can sunbath on the beach, chill out around the local pool, or take advantage of excursions. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to swim with dolphins and turtles, and experience desert sky gazing. You can also take in the local culture – there is always amazing walks, beaches and beautiful restaurants to try out.

What other benefits do you get working for ted at First Choice Holiday Villages?

The contracts with ted are the best I’ve ever worked with!

Full costumes are provided by ted and these are measured to fit, and all of a very high standard. Transport from our training venue to the airport, and from the airport to resort, is also included within the contract. A flight at the start and at the end of the season is also included, back to a UK airport.

In resort, you are guaranteed your own bedroom, with shared living area and bathroom. Every apartment I have lived in has been to a good clean standard of living. Meals are included in the contract, mostly with three meals per day, and this is generally from the hotel restaurant. This is a great privilege to have and obviously saves loads of money!

Importantly, you have Emergency Medical Cover, at reliable hospitals and doctors within the local area.

Lastly, Davey, after a number of years working with ted, how have you developed professionally?

There’s so much opportunity for development with ted. After my first year I was promoted to Team Leader and now I look after my own team for the summer.

Over the years I have performed in other events such as Alice in Wonderland Easter Show, presented at the TUI Christmas Party, and presented and warmed-up for X-Factor boy band Overload!

There are also opportunities to go to tedHQ and record backing vocals for shows, film children’s concept videos and also presenter voiceovers.

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