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Meet the team: Aaron Carr – Holiday Villages Entertainment Cast

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Meet Aaron Carr, a talented member of our Entertainment Cast working for First Choice Holiday Villages worldwide!

Aaron has been performing at Holiday Villages for a number of years and has developed considerably during his time with us.

We recently caught up with him to discuss how he’s developed, what Holiday Village rehearsals are like, and what he’s most looking for to this summer…

So, Aaron, how long have you worked for ted at Holiday Villages?

I have worked been a member of the Entertainment Cast at Holiday Villages for four years, with my destinations being Tenerife, Cyprus, Rhodes and Majorca.

On to 2019! Where are you heading this year and what excites you the most?

I will be heading to Holiday Village Majorca for my season of 2019! I am most looking forward to performing my Ed Sheeran cast concert to a new crowd, and exploring the island on my days off.

What are rehearsals like for the Holiday Village season?

The rehearsal process for Holiday Villages is a fun and rewarding environment.

It starts off with core training where we learn about all of the concepts within Holiday Villages, and all that you as a cast member will be involved with.

You also get to take part in a number of workshops, which include presenting, puppeteering and vocals. These workshops are part of the tedacademy, and amazing industry-leading professionals come in and teach us new techniques, allowing us to develop and learn more about ourselves professionally. These have included the likes of Natalie Weiss and Christina Bianco.

After core week we move into the rehearsal process of learning the exciting shows. You spend roughly four days learning a show, which is split up into choreography and vocal days, and throughout the process you get to perform parts of these shows to the other teams in our performance nights.

You have developed a lot whilst with ted, then? Tell us more about that journey…

When I first started with ted I joined the season just over half way through. Before this job I hadn’t danced before, so at first I found it difficult, but when returning the next year I was really challenged by one of our resident directors.

Moving on through the seasons I was given the opportunity to try a brand-new concept called cast concert. This concept allowed me to showcase a full primetime show singing Ed Sheeran songs and playing guitar.

I really enjoy doing this as it’s very different to the production shows that I would normally perform in, and it gives me an opportunity to broaden my performance skills.

Tell us about the different styles of music you perform in Holiday Villages…

You perform 10 productions, which are all completely different genres and styles; some of which include pop, rock, pantomime and many more! Each show has something new for the guests to enjoy every night.

Taking everything into consideration, what is your favourite part of the role?

My favourite part of the role is the relationships you build, not only with your team and cast, but also the guests you perform to.

We get to do day duties too, and this gives you the opportunity to get chatting with the guests and encouraging them to come along to the evening entertainment.

And what about lifestyle in resort; how is that?

The lifestyle in resort really is amazing. We have a day and a half off every week and this allows us to really explore the destination we are in, and immerse ourselves in the culture.

Every single resort is different and there’s new experiences in each one.

What other benefits do you receive working with ted at Holiday Villages?

Working with ted has many benefits. From the start you get paid rehearsals and all of your food and accommodation is provided, not only in the rehearsal process but in resort as well. Your flights to and from resort are also provided.

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