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The creation of a kids brand for Marella Cruises

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The ocean was crowded for our cruise client, Marella Cruises.

Competitor brands were offering holiday customers a Kids Club proposition with either licensed characters from big power house brands, or generic ocean-themed characters from Penguins to Pirates.

As the entertainment supplier for Marella Explorer, we had already created a compelling entertainment experience on board for guests.

However, we also needed to develop a specific children’s solution and a bespoke character family, one that could be developed across entertainment live shows, character meet and greets and, ultimately, a compelling product range for retail on board.

the creation of M Crew

The result was the development of M Crew: M representing Marella Cruises, recently rebranded, and Crew representing inclusivity.

With the creation of M Crew, everyone is welcome to join the friendliest kids club at sea and have fun with an engaging new character set targeting three to six-year-olds.

To achieve market cut through, a unique combination of characters was devised – a robot, a captain boy, a mermaid, a sea horse and of course a duck.

The result was a trio of primary characters, each of whom have a job on board the ship, as part of the Crew.

Miss Maintenance as our engineer and fix-it robot, Melody Mermaid as the navigator and Captain Mac as our boy whose adventure comes to life. Secondary characters include Macho the seahorse and Quack the duck.

Character development was managed in-house here at ted, from concept brainstorming to pencil drawings.

Full colour art was utilised across an introductory product range including cuddly toys, snap bands, lanyards and keyrings.

Future range expansions are planned as the brand builds traction and the character family is adopted across rest of the Marella Cruises fleet.

If you’d like more information about our character and brand development, please contact us.

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