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Submerge – an authentic escape room experience

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Holiday Villages are brimming with innovation. The ultimate action-packed holiday celebrates 15 years at the forefront of forward-thinking family holidays in 2019 and, here at ted, we’re thrilled to be a part of the fun.

With our clients at Holiday Villages, we research and study entertainment trends annually to ensure we develop in line with popular culture. And in 2017, we were challenged with creating an original and authentic escape room experience – exclusive for HV.

the ultimate family breakout experience

Our team of creators and designers collaborated with one of the UK’s leading fabricators Wild Creations to develop a completely immersive and fully integrated escape room experience that could be shipped anywhere in the world.

The result was Submerge: the ultimate family breakout experience. However, this successful concept didn’t come without its challenges.

We were faced with getting the unit out of the UK and into a non-EU country. Harnessing practicality with creativity, we decided we should build the environment inside a 40ft shipping container. By doing so, we could shut the doors and ship it anywhere.

The practicality and creativity led the project collectively, and the theming became perfect for our Cold War-style submarine mission.

With the location of this event being in a family resort, our creative team had to ensure the event was appealing for all ages; easy enough for children but exciting enough for adults.

Furthermore, health and safety was paramount in the design process and experts were consulted to ensure this unit was fully compliant.

working together

Maintaining complete control of the project, our industry-leading departments worked together with a multi-skilled approach across the wider business and tackled creative, technical and operational requirements head on.

Our production team owned all of the creative to ensure an authentic themed experience fully-integrated with a narrative, voiceovers, visuals, lighting states, original video games, a series of interactive challenges and more.

Thanks to our AV department, the unit is fully automated to ensure a very practical and bespoke solution. Furthermore, to deal with any issue on location, the resort technician was fully trained by tedav in the technical instalments.

a ted first

This project was a first of a kind for us, and our experienced team of creators and implementers used their creative discretion throughout to design the best solution, creatively and practically, ensuring we could achieve our client’s vision: an original immersive experience which was exciting, safe, practical, and transportable.

With more than a thousand players passing through the doors so far, numerous records have been broken and Submerge has completed its first year of operation. Check out #HVBreakOut to see some of the escapees!

We can’t wait to take the learnings from this project and develop the next.

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