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Meet the Team: Activity and Childcare Managers for Holiday Village

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Joe (Top Left), Dean (Bottom Left), Niels (Right)

Meet the Team: Activity and Childcare Managers

To celebrate their first month since joining the tedHQ family, as our Activity and Childcare Managers for Holiday Village (HV). We thought we ought to get to know Joe, Dean and Niels a little better.

Please introduce your role at tedHQ-

Joe, Dean & Niels: “We are the three Activity and Childcare Managers for the Holiday Village Concept. We create amazing activities and childcare programmes that will be delivered across all 8 of our fantastic resorts”.


How did you find your way to tedHQ?

Joe: “I have previously worked with David Alvarez (Training and Operations Manager- Active) on programmes for cruises, holiday resorts and training programmes. He brought the job to my attention, I applied and here I am today. I was ready to move onto the next chapter after working for a non-profit organisation. I haven’t seen the office yet but have heard all good things.”

Dean: “I have been working in HV since 2014. I wanted a new challenge and when I saw this job role was announced, it felt like the job was made for me!”.

Niels: “I have not found my way yet to the tedHQ office, as I’m currently working from the Netherlands, but look forward to seeing it soon!”


What is the best job you’ve had in the past, and why?

Joe: “I loved my last job due to the impact we were having on so many children’s lives. However, I would have to say the best job I’ve ever had was as a teen counsellor for the Norwegian Cruise Line. I did 3 full-time contracts, made so many friends and travelled all around the world. I also actually really enjoyed the job.”

Dean: “I have been lucky enough to have some pretty amazing jobs, but I would say the most unique job I’ve had was managing the water sports activities in a summer camp in Minnesota, USA.”

Niels: “I’ve had some amazing jobs in the past working with fantastic people. I loved training them and sharing my experiences but the best boss I’ve ever had must have been working in Lapland for Santa!”


What most excites you about this job?

Joe: “Honestly, the idea of really enhancing the programme for children at Holiday Villages. We have some really exciting plans coming up for our HV programmes, I’ve heard amazing things and this year is all about learning for ted and myself in particular.

Oh… and when we can, travelling. I’m a bit bored of the UK after the past 12 months!”

Dean: “Coming from a sports and activities background, I am most looking forward to the activities side of the job. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and looking forward to introducing some new and exciting activities in Holiday Village for the near future, so watch this space”.

Niels: “Having worked in HV’s in Portugal, Costa del Sol, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Turkey I got to know the ‘Purple world’ really well. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to provide an amazing program.”


Do you have any work-related pet-peeves?

Joe: “Not really. I always have a second thought when somebody types ‘regards’ at the end of their email instead of ‘kind regards’”.

Dean: “Difficult questions. If I had to choose, it’s those who leave the air-con on 24/7. And don’t get me started on people who steal my pens!”

Niels: “I can be quite direct when people write my name wrong or say that I’m from Holland, which I’m not! I come from the Netherlands and live in a province named Friesland (so really, I would be a Frisian that lives in the Netherlands….) ”


If you could instantly pick-up a new skill what would it be?

Joe: “I respect anybody who can speak more than one language. It’s not an easy skill so I wish I could instantly pick a language up!”

Dean: “To be fluent in more languages. I am always blown away by those who can speak multiple languages with ease”.

Niels: “I would love to learn how to sing properly. I can’t sing but I still love doing it!”


What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

Joe: “Visiting all of the HV resorts and learning about everything. I am also looking forward to meeting everybody! We’re working from home at the moment, so can’t wait to get to know all of my new colleagues a lot better.”

Dean: “I am looking forward to training the activities and childcare staff. And working with some amazing team across the HV Resorts.”

Niels: “I am looking forward to going out to the resorts, working with the teams and creating some amazing memories.”


What qualities can you each bring to the role?

Joe: “This is like a real interview now. Before this question, I thought I was a celebrity filling something out for Hello magazine. I bring passion and a desire to exceed expectations. I’m creative and think out of the box and also, I like to think I’m very personable, this will play a big role in keeping our HV staff happy. If our staff are happy, the kids are happy, the parents are happy, TUI is happy, my line manager is happy, their line manager is happy, so everybody is happy.”

Dean: “I have worked in multiple departments in HV, so I would say my experience and management of the Holiday Village concept is something I can share with our teams”.

Niels: “Having worked in several HV’s and starting my career as an Activity team member and working up to Manager, I have delivered and experienced all the different activities to all the age groups that are within the HV. Now I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with the new team”


Dean and Niels, you have also worked for HV. Can you give us an insight into what it is like working in a resort?

Dean: “Every day you wake up to the warm sun. You are part of a team that run fun and exciting activities for our guests, and you can explore some beautiful destinations on your day off…what is there not to like about that?”

Niels: “Working in one of the HV resorts is simply amazing! Never a boring day. You get to work with amazing people and deliver fantastic activities. Giving families the chance to do things they’ve never done before, such as, Archery or taking on the Aerial Adventure courses. You get to work and live-in amazing destinations which you can explore on your days off. You create long-lasting memories.”


A big part of your role involves recruitment, what tips can you give to anyone looking for Childcare or Activity jobs?

Joe: “Only do it if you enjoy it! Working with kids can be challenging, but that’s what makes it so rewarding and enjoyable. If you have a passion for working with children, you can make a career out of it and also really make a difference.”

Dean: “The job is fun and exciting, so we want our staff to fit those criteria. Show us your personality and tell us why you would be the perfect fit for Holiday Villages. We want you to enjoy the job as much as we do!”


Thanks to Joe, Dean and Niels.

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