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Phoenix Centre, The Regis School

tedav designed and installed lighting and sound equipment into the performance space of this new-build youth centre, as well as in the recording studio with all associated electronic musical instruments, acoustic drum-kits and microphones.

We equipped the performance space with:

  • RCF ART310-I loudspeakers
  • Tascam sound-reproduction for background music
  • a larger-scale portable PA system
  • loudspeakers and all associated audio mixers
  • controls to enable band performances
  • a flight-cased DJ system with mixer and CD player
  • turntables
  • LED lighting
  • moving-head and Selecon lanterns
  • a control desk
  • dimming facilities.

The recording studio already operated a system based around a Digidesign HD C24, using Pro-Tools Logic Studio 9 running on an Apple Mac system. tedav installed:

  • two 1TB desktop computers
  • Yamaha monitors
  • active loudspeakers
  • instruments including a keyboard, a Yamaha stage piano, Yamaha drums and Zildjan cymbals
  • a selection of studio microphones.


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