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Melksham Oak Community School

tedav designed, supplied and installed the performance lighting and sound facilities at newly built Melksham Oak Community School.

State-of-the-art equipment from industry leaders such as Panasonic, Sennheiser and Yamaha was installed in the Assembly Hall, Lecture Theatre, Dance Studio, two drama studios, two music rooms and a recording studio.

Consequently, equipment included:

  • 126 channels of lighting dimming systems for five stages
  • seven sound systems
  • a fully-appointed pro-tools recording studio
  • two movie projection systems
  • 150 traditional and LED stage lights
  • a variety of loose kit.

In the Assembly Hall tedav installed:

  • a high-end Panasonic 6000 lumens movie projector
  • Harkness Screen and Denon players routed through AMX controls
  • lighting, sound and curtaining systems.

All front-end kit was installed in a control room, together with a Sennheiser radio-microphone system.

In the Lecture Theatre, systems included:

  • an AV system
  • Mitsubishi projector
  • simplified sound and lighting systems for quick-and-easy use
  • Kramer switching to enable DVDs, Blu-Ray discs or PCs to be played effortlessly through the projection and audio systems.

The Dance Studio was installed with:

  • an active RCF ART-series audio system to provide vigorous sound
  • LED wash-lights to lend atmospheric lighting.

The twin drama studios operate separately, or as one large venue, so installation included:

  • 60 channels of dimming
  • two Jester desks
  • stage lights
  • IWBs and facility panels to distribute power and data
  • two sound systems, which can be combined at the flick of a switch
  • BSS sound processor
  • suspended loudspeakers
  • amplifiers and audio mixers
  • front-end systems mounted in rolling flightcases
  • curtains on tracks running all around the perimeter.

In the Music Department we installed:

  • two portable, high-quality sound systems
  • 10 active loudspeakers.

This also incorporated the recording studio with its fully-equipped Pro-Tools system and monitors. Tie lines linked the studio to one of the two main classrooms, an ensemble/drum room and a practice room.


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