Broadening horizons

This is where theatrical productions are rehearsed and our teams are trained in preparation for exciting roles all over the world.

It’s also where the creative boundaries are pushed to achieve that extra ounce of performance excellence. And it’s not just about the stage performers. Technological developments push the limits of productions and increase the skill levels of our crews, too.

growing as one

By investing in our people, we all improve.

Our teams continue their training with us, nurturing their talents, broadening their skillset and their education. And the exciting development opportunities we provide make us a more attractive employer.

This is vital for us as our reach of recruitment has had to grow fast to service our ever-expanding and innovative entertainment portfolio. The shows we produce feature everything from automated stages to aerial rigs, with the latest technology being implemented, such as aroma machines, rain curtains and hydraulic scenery.


We host original workshops every year, handing the reins over to inspirational, specialist coaches to work with our teams.

Our 2019 workshops included BBC choir master Jon Rattenbury and internet sensation Christina Bianco, while previous workshops have been led by Broadway performer Natalie Weiss and West End stars Jenna Lee James and Bob Broad.

These insightful sessions are seen as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our people to work closely with uniquely talented coaches, be inspired by them and learn from them.

The training facilities we use help to create an authentic atmosphere, with staging, lighting, professional sound systems and LED walls all utilised to help maximise rehearsals and develop our AV teams.

If you’d like to join our team and train with industry professionals, then visit our Casting & Recruitment page to see our current opportunities.