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The Entertainment Department was founded in 2000 to support large holiday companies who did not have the resource to create and deliver their entertainment values and brand. Hence the name, The Entertainment Department…

More than just entertainment

Our core business is entertainment, but our combined products and services in our AV, Retail, Active and Studio departments now represent over half of our annual turnover and every one of our departments support our clients across multiple areas and levels.

About Us

We create bespoke entertainment and experiences across the world.

From original live production shows and dynamic audio visual installations, to leading sports and wellbeing programmes, creative character and brand development, and custom-made merchandise product ranges – we service our clients across all aspects of their guest experience.

Specialising in theatre, cruise, travel, leisure and retail, our vast knowledge of multiple industry sectors is supported across six dedicated internal departments, enabling us to deliver excellence for our clients’ specific audiences.

Whether it is producing the most visual, original production shows in theatres on land or at sea, creating technical sound and vision installations, delivering sports and wellbeing concepts in 5* resorts around the world, or manufacturing high quality bespoke merchandise, we ensure that your consumer is front of mind.

tedHQ, our vibrant central office, is located in Milton Keynes, with 90 per cent of our team relocating to work for us. This is testament to how much everyone loves to work in our office!

Since we were formed, more than 400 original shows have been produced and performed to live audiences at home and abroad.

More than six million people have watched one of our shows across 35 different countries, and our talent department has contracted more than 175,000 individual bookings around the world!

We are The Experience Department and our mission statement and promise is to be Collaborative, Innovative and Creative.


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